97 Camsur families get homes

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SAN JOSE, CamSur — 97 families in this town recently received their certificate of completion and acceptance of the shelter units from DSWD Reg'l. Director Arnel Garcia. The awarding ceremony was witnessed by San Jose Mayor Antonio Chavez. The certificate gave these families the go signal to occupy their core units..

The agency released the amount of ₱6,790,000 to 97 families or ₱70,000 each. According to Ms. Helen Mendoza, the Municipal Social Welfare & Development Officer , the 97 core shelter recipients belong to seven barangays namely; Catalotoan, Sabang, Tominawog, Oslo, Salugon, Telegrapo, Bagacay and Sugoy, 34 of the recipients have their house constructed in a barangay resettlement site in Catalotoan while the rest of the core shelter units will have an on-site construction. Meaning that this will be erected in the respective lots owned by the beneficiary.

Arnulfo Peñaflorida, a beneficiary shared that he consider this project as a blessing to his family. “The money we earn is just enough for our food and never in our wild dreams that we were able to have this structure that we could call a home, we will now be spared from leaving our abode during strong typhoon” he added.

Core Shelter Assistance Project (CSAP) is provided to indigent families who were rendered homeless due to disaster. The core shelter is structurally strong and environment friendly units which can withstand 180-220 kph wind velocity, intensified four earthquakes, floodings and similar hazard. It is a restoration and rehabilitation strategy that uses work teams to provide laborers in the construction.

The project aims to reduce the number of homeless families every year by providing a structurally strong shelter and at the same time developing and promoting the value of self-reliance among the beneficiaries and the community.

While the DSWD releases fund for the implementation of the project, the LGU is responsible in the provision of additional construction materials and the site. - eejerusalem

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